Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 To be honest, I had a rough time drawing my bicycle. I was excited at the beginning, but it started to get more tricky as I kept working on it. My first piece didn't entirely go so well, so I started from scratch, which got me more behind than the others. Drawing this next piece, I decided to go for something easier, so I zoomed in on the handle bars of the bike. It was easier, but once again, I got to another bump in the road. Shading suddenly became very difficult to me. I didn't understand how to work with the lights and darks. So I came to my art teacher, Jocelynn Tice, in need to work on shading, and she taught me how. Shading has taught me how to give my piece a 3D appeal, which made me more ready (and a little more educated) on working on my next piece.

First Post

Sorry about this, I had to create another blog, so I have created a new one. This passage is from the beginning of the year.

Hi and welcome to my Creative Arts Blog! I hope you enjoy various posts about my experiences through my arts journey and through high school as a freshman. First I will explain a little bit about myself. I'm a quirky 15 year old who loves to draw and loves to watch anime. Pretty much everyday I'm either doodling in a notebook or drawing in my sketchbook. My big dream is to go to Moore when I graduate high school and create manga comic books.

 Other then drawing and anime, I also love cats! You might see me wearing cat shirts often, so I guess you can already see part of my obsession. My cat named Wu (a himalayan cat) is the most lovable and fluffy cat I know though.