Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fortune Cookie

 This project lead me to becoming stumped. I had no idea what to do for this project. So I picked up a magazine from the library called (I think) Art News that I was hoping would give me more ideas. Looking through the magazine, I saw a lot of Japanese artwork. Fortunes cookies are an Asian tradition, so I knew I wanted to keep researching different ideas on Japanese culture. Knowing that there are a lot of cherry blossoms in Japan, I searched it up on the internet. Cherry blossoms mean that the beginning of spring has started, so based on my fortunes, I decided to base my whole fortune cookie project on "New Beginnings." Later on, I soon started thinking about how birds can symbolize letting go to the past, flying away, and starting something new. The corners of paper symbolize the material left from the past. 

Art x 3

  This composition for the Art x 3 was not my favorite. It was difficult for me in a short amount of time to turn other people's work into something else. At the end, I ended up with this piece. To me, instead of symbolizes fame, they used a lot of famous people. I remembered hearing a song about how fame can be a downfall, but it's important to be a good role model because teenagers now a days look up to those people. I splattered the red paint on the piece to show how everything isn't always a happy ending with being famous. Angry and stress is a concern with fame, and I tried to emphasize that. "The Bling Ring" was a movie that showed teenagers who robbed celebrities houses because they wanted to look like them, and be like them. I thought this was a good addition to the piece because fame was a common theme throughout the movie. Lastly, I used "in the wild" to show that some people will do anything to reach to the top of the society food chain. The life lesson I learned from this art experience is that if you put all your thoughts together with just one common thing, you can come up with tons of ideas you never thought you would've come up with.

Pop Print

 Honestly, the Pop Print project was my favorite thing we did this marking period. I had to brainstorm what I had at my house that was blue, and I found a book that I remember loving last year, about a boy who lives on imagination. Drawing it was the easy part, but carving was the most difficult for me. I noticed I left some carvings on the stamp by accident, but I kept going, and I realized that it looked interesting. I also realized that not putting enough paint on stamp was a good mistake, because in my head, it symbolized that reality can sometimes be a struggle for the imagination, so the paint on the pieces symbolizes imagination, and the lack of imagination symbolizes the fading paint. I know it might sound dorky, but this is what the pieces symbolized for me. My overall reaction to this project in general was not how I pictured it my head, but it turned out better.