Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pop Print

 Honestly, the Pop Print project was my favorite thing we did this marking period. I had to brainstorm what I had at my house that was blue, and I found a book that I remember loving last year, about a boy who lives on imagination. Drawing it was the easy part, but carving was the most difficult for me. I noticed I left some carvings on the stamp by accident, but I kept going, and I realized that it looked interesting. I also realized that not putting enough paint on stamp was a good mistake, because in my head, it symbolized that reality can sometimes be a struggle for the imagination, so the paint on the pieces symbolizes imagination, and the lack of imagination symbolizes the fading paint. I know it might sound dorky, but this is what the pieces symbolized for me. My overall reaction to this project in general was not how I pictured it my head, but it turned out better.

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