Friday, November 15, 2013

The Blue Collection

 Blue. A color that normally symbolizes sadness. Our art class choose this color to use for a collection. In the collection, we have a lot of different blue item's that could show that kind of person we are, or it could say something about our past. Blue, like I said before, also symbolizes sadness which could link to our past. Blue is a very important color, because of course, it's a primary color, but it also has a lot of meaning behind it.

 In Portia Munson's collection, she has a pile of things that are pink. I believe this brings a light, happy feeling, to her art work because all of these item's are pink. I think it also gives a little bit of a girly, childish feeling because it's a little messy, and it's very cheerful and light. This ties into our blue collection which I find interesting because our class was able to bounce off ideas from important artists. Portia Munson's collection shows that art is anything, any color, shape, and size. Some people probably think that this is just a pile of junk that's all the same color, but with an artistic view, it shows the emotion behind the art and even the artist.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting vs. Hoarding

 Some people wonder if there is a difference between collecting and hoarding. I think that collecting and hoarding have many differences, and aren't the same thing. In my opinion, people who get carried with collecting might be hoarding. People might also think that an artist like Song Dong hoards, because of his vision of what he considers art. I mean, honestly, I was stunned when I saw this structure of his collections. It kept me wondering how he can keep something like this organized and tidy, but art is art, some people have a different perspective on what it is.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Learning Expereince

During this whole experience, I learned many things. Something I learned was that the letters and numbers of thinness and thickness of a graphite pencil. It goes H as the thinnest, F in the middle, and B as the thickest. I also learned about how to incorporate reflections into colored pencils. I enjoyed using both of these materials, but learned that the letters and numbers of a graphite pencil was my favorite part of this experience out of the two materials. Even though this work was challenging, I really enjoyed drawing in this class.

Candy Jar

 When I heard I was working in colored pencil, I was so excited. I normally draw with colored pencil when I'm drawing at home, so I thought it would be simple. Of course, it was more tough than I expected, but I got through it. I learned where to add reflections, and how to add color on colored paper. Doing these two compositions was a great learning experience for me, and I'm excited to keep learning about shading and reflections.