Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Totem Pole Story, Sunrise

 The cold weather was continuing to brew last year. Almost everyone impatiently waited for spring to hit. On one of those freezing days, my dad, my sister, Iris, and I declared we all wanted to do something exciting, and not lounge around indoors. We all suggested an activity to do, but nobody could agree on a idea. One thing led to another, and soon enough, we agreed to venture off to Cape May the next morning to watch the sunrise.

 At around 5:00 in the morning, we left. The sky was dark, not a cloud in the sky, scattered with glittering stars. Being one of the only cars on the highway, we got to Cape May a lot faster than we intended. Iris was asleep in the backseat, but I couldn't fall asleep, even though I was tired, because I had been looking forward for the adventure. From the beginning, I had loved the idea of going off and doing something exciting, and I especially liked the idea of sharing the experience with my family. As soon as we arrived on the beach's border, we jumped out of the car, and made our way to the sandy shore.

 The wind was strong, and everything was cold. I assumed before we went, that the beach would be a lot warmer, but since it was the morning, and the ocean's wind was strong, I assumed wrong. Bundled up in coats and hats, we watched as the blinding, bright, orange sun lit up the sky, and began to lift. The moon was just along the way, and the ocean's waves continued to crash onto the sandy shore. The ocean's waves drifted all the way to the end of the beach, opposite of the summer, where the waves would only come up a short distance.

 I hadn't only captured the memories in my head, but I was also able to capture it on my camera, where I had taken hundred's of photos. The bright, yellow sun was continuing to rise, until the sky's darkness faded, and wind had become less brisk. When the sun had finally rose, Iris and my dad had finally made their way to the car, but I wanted to glance one last time at the sun, that was shining blindly in my eyes. Taking one last picture, I followed my family to the car, longing for a nice breakfast, and warmth. We continued to venture off to the different sites and scenes of Cape May, creating more memories together.