Sunday, January 26, 2014

Art x 3

  This composition for the Art x 3 was not my favorite. It was difficult for me in a short amount of time to turn other people's work into something else. At the end, I ended up with this piece. To me, instead of symbolizes fame, they used a lot of famous people. I remembered hearing a song about how fame can be a downfall, but it's important to be a good role model because teenagers now a days look up to those people. I splattered the red paint on the piece to show how everything isn't always a happy ending with being famous. Angry and stress is a concern with fame, and I tried to emphasize that. "The Bling Ring" was a movie that showed teenagers who robbed celebrities houses because they wanted to look like them, and be like them. I thought this was a good addition to the piece because fame was a common theme throughout the movie. Lastly, I used "in the wild" to show that some people will do anything to reach to the top of the society food chain. The life lesson I learned from this art experience is that if you put all your thoughts together with just one common thing, you can come up with tons of ideas you never thought you would've come up with.

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